LEISURE: Oliver! musical had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah with Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society

LEISURE: Oliver! musical had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah with Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society

THE super-talented Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society entertained audiences in fantastic style with its latest production – the amazing and much-loved musical Oliver!

The musical about orphan boy Oliver who gets mixed up with Fagin and his gang and the evil Bill Sikes never loses its appeal and the BATS team certainly did the show justice.

Taking the lead role of Oliver was the talented George Souster while one of the beauties of the musical is that there is a strong supporting cast of memorable characters.LEISURE: Oliver! musical had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah with Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society Photo 2

Oliver’s pal, the Artful Dodger, saw Isla Gibson and Heidi Warren share the role for the run of the show from November 16-18, 2017, while Ben Overd, a veteran of BATS shows, was a superb Fagin.

Keiron Wilce had all the necessary villainous qualities to play the part of Bill Sykes with aplomb, while Hannah Cumming had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah for the role of Nancy.

PHOTO - TOP: Ben Overd as Fagin and George Souster as Oliver.

PHOTO - RIGHT: George Souster as Oliver with Heidi Warren who shared the role of the Artful Dodger with Isla Gibson.

Mr Bumble was played by Richard Baker with “love interest” Widow Corney played by Christine Trueman – they were a fine double act just like Harry Secombe and Peggy Mount in the timeless 1968 film musical version.

But the musical Oliver! is a team effort and the entire cast did their bit to bring it to life with memorable songs such as Food, Glorious Food; Consider Yourself; Pick a Pocket or Two; It’s a Fine Life; I’d Do Anything; Be Back Soon; Who Will Buy?; and Oom-Pah-Pah.

LEISURE: Oliver! musical had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah with Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society Photo 1

PHOTO - ABOVE: The Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society cast of Oliver!

The Cast: Oliver – George Souster; Dodger – Isla Gibson and Heidi Warren; Fagin – Ben Overd; Bill Sikes – Keiron Wilce; Nancy – Hannah Cumming; Bet – Poppy Lankester; Mr Bumble – Richard Baker; Widow Corney – Christine Trueman; Mr Sowerberry – Phil de Warren Penny; Mrs Sowerberry – Carol Rice; Noah Claypole – Lisa Souster; Mrs Bedwin – Nicola Langhorn; Mr Brownlow – Richard Speke; rose seller – Hannah Thurston; strawberry seller – Lisa Shearman; old Sally – Karin Cumming; maid/hussar – Chris Churchill; lamplighter/maid – Mandy Wildman; Dr Grimwig – Roger Mazillius; matron/maid – Viv Cumming; Charlotte – Lily Cumming; Charley Bates – Kelsey Potter; Bow Street Runners – Teddy Sterry and Tom Speke.

Adult Chorus: Sophie Clements; Lily Cumming; Carol Rice; Christine Trueman; Chris Churchill; Hannah Thurston; Karin Cumming; Lisa Souster; Lisa Shearman; Mandy Wildman; Nicola Langhorn; Viv Cumming; Richard Baker; Phil de Warren-Penny; Richard Speke; Roger Mazillius.

Orphans/Fagin’s Gang: Abigail Russell; Heidi Warren; Ella de Warren-Penny; Holly Tucker; Isla Gibson; Kelsey Potter; Lola Russell; Lucy Speke; Maisy Buttle; Martha Ketch; Milly Tucker; Sienna Potter; Teddy Sterry; Tom Speke.

LEISURE: Oliver! musical had plenty of Oom-Pah-Pah with Broadway Amateur Theatrical Society Photo 3

PHOTO - ABOVE: Keiron Wilce as Bill Sikes and Hannah Cumming as Nancy.

The Crew: Director and musical director – Jo Warren; producer – Christine Trueman; director’s assistant – Jane Brown; stage management – Mark Savill, Amelia Langhorn, Jack Souster, Lorna Warren; sound – Graham Reeks; lighting – Nick Urch; costumes – Jane Brown, Jo de Warren-Penny; Marika Sterry, Rachel Brown, Vera Pharoah; assistant musical director – Lisa Shearman; scenery – Jacky Lancaster;  refreshments – Jo de Warren-Penny and friends/parents; publicity – Christine Trueman and Karin Cumming; chaperone and continuity – Jo de Waren-Penny and friends/parents; bar – Paul Trueman and Ron Jones; raffle – Grace White and friends; front of house – Linda Jones, Maurice Baigent, Graham Pollard and Vera Pharoah.

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