SCHOOL NEWS: It is all adding up at Greenfylde

SCHOOL NEWS: It is all adding up at Greenfylde

YOUNG mathematicians at Greenfylde School in Ilminster have taken part in a school-wide Maths Week.

There were a number of objectives for the week as well as helping the children develop a love of sums and problem solving the school wanted to encourage the pupils to look at reasoning skills and be supported in seeing the link between their learning now and future career aspirations.

Greenfylde headteacher Clare Oaten said: “Mathematics involves a lot of problem solving and this has given our children some valuable experiences in understanding that we don’t always get the correct answer straight away and even sometimes, that some questions can have more than one answer. SCHOOL NEWS: It is all adding up at Greenfylde Photo 1

“It teaches perseverance and resilience and also encourages them to understand how learning can be linked together to help develop new and more complex strategies.”

Maths teacher Laura Collins came up with a range of excellent fun-filled activities which included reception class children playing maths games with the residents of Muchelney House and Vaughan Lee House to show that age can be no barrier.

Parents came in to share maths with their children while the pupils visited Swanmead School and utilised the cookery rooms to see first-hand how mathematics is used in everyday life.

Children had a visit and workshop from Barney’s World of Maths and explored a magical world of number facts and investigations, while practical maths came alive in visits to the local Tesco store.

The headteacher added: “In fact we spent a whole week where everything became linked to maths and from the feedback of our children we feel this has been a success in not only building their mathematical confidence but in also supporting their mathematical learning now and beyond Greenfylde.”

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