ILMINSTER NEWS: Swanmead rated as a “Good School” by Ofsted

ILMINSTER NEWS: Swanmead rated as a “Good School” by Ofsted

SWANMEAD Community School in Ilminster is delighted with the release of its most recent Ofsted inspection report.

The school was inspected over two days during February 2018 and has been deemed as remaining a “Good School.”

The school was classified as “good” in all individual areas including those of “leadership and management” and “outcomes for pupils.”

The school is particularly proud of the fact that the report highlighted the positive opinion the school's children had of Swanmead stating how they “speak positively about their school experience because they feel supported and valued.”

It also reported how the children “behave well”, were “courteous, polite and respectful” and “demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning.”

The quality of the school's teaching was consistently mentioned as a positive of the school with the report stating how “teaching, learning and assessment is good overall” and that “pupils make better progress and achieve well as a result of teachers planning well and using time effectively in lessons.”

The school's leadership and management was referred to continually as a strength within the report with the school's governing body being described as “strong” and having “integrity and care about things that matter most.”ILMINSTER NEWS: Swanmead rated as a “Good School” by Ofsted

The report also made reference to headteacher Mark Walker and the impact he made as being “determined” and that his “approach to improve the standards of education is succeeding.”

As is the case with all inspection reports, the school was recommended improvement targets to develop further.

This included addressing further the attainment of boys and developing an improved system that improved communication with parents so that they understood better the progress their children were making.

Headteacher Mark Walker said: “This report certainly displays and celebrates the continued improvements of the school over recent years.

“We are thrilled with its contents and how all the positives and aspects to improve we self-evaluated about Swanmead were agreed with by a very experienced and rigorous inspection team.

“The continued journey of improvement for this school is down to the unrivalled commitment and hard work of our staff team, the support we get from our parents and the community and the sheer brilliance of the young people that attend Swanmead - their enthusiasm, loyalty and infectiousness make it all worthwhile.

“The report highlighted a couple of areas for the school to work upon. These were already aspects the school were aware of and we are grateful to the inspection team for including them within the report.

“The school looks forward to involving all the school community in addressing these and continuing the high standards that are now very much associated with Swanmead Community School."